I’m your IEP expert!

DODea (Dept. of Defense Education Activity)

It’s 8 AM when the phone rings and the voice says “Hello, this is Dr. Mark Burdick? Hi, I’m with the DODea (Dept. of Defense Education Activity) and we have an IEP scheduled where we need a complete psychological evaluation conducted along with recommendations for schools for a student with exceptional needs.”

This is a real example of a very recent request that required my skills to turn a very contentious situation around by highlighting the specific needs of the student, and the likelihood they would do well in specific settings with complete charts, examples, reports.

I’m your Expert

A nice ending. The group was able to come together with a workable outcome; the team wrote the IEP and signed off, and life goes on.

If your district needs an expert–a real expert with 30+ years of experience of public, private professional stature in working across the table with IEP teams to provide successful outcome, then I am your expert. Call and let’s discuss your district’s need.


Dr Burdick in London

Every so many conferences you get out of the conference what you hope to get out of it, and that’s certainly what happened in London this month.

iCAAD is an addiction and mental health centered conference where professionals worldwide come to London to talk of “stuff”. “Stuff” like — why certain types of treatment work better than others, and why certain types of people respond better than others to treatment, etc. etc.

This year however, I found out what I respond to best: Generosity of others. And so what did I learn? To give back! It’s that easy, and what a wonderful world this could be, if we all practiced it everyday. So, let’s go on to it. What generous act can you tell me you gave back today, and how did it go? What did you learn about yourself? Want to learn more about yourself and your influences, then may I introduce you to OnSite.

OnSite is a center run by Miles Adox the guy in the center, and both Mark Fenwick (the therapist on the left) and myself on the right have used this short term (7-10-14 day) program successfully in getting in touch with our feelings and true selves, working through trauma in a very safe environment. Want to learn more, or find a different self-realization program for yourself? Let’s connect! I look forward to it. Please see below! .

Podcast on! Listen in on Neil Brown’s interview of Dr Burdick

Neil Brown, LCSW extraordinaire interviews Dr Burdick (aka The American Psychologist) traveling the world and sharing views on sharing of cultures, travel and living overseas. What the family needs to survive! Mandatory listening for anyone who is planning or finding themselves in a new community away from home! Here’s the link: Enjoy! https://goo.gl/51QuqX

FIGT 2018: Den Hague

It’s with pride that I’ve accepted the invitation to present this coming week in Den Hague at the Family in Global Transition 2018 conference. This is a conference I attended last year, and found many ‘like kind’: those like myself with true international connections to family, friends, like stye, and unique experiences. My talk with Steven DeMille Exec Director of Redcliff Ascent on Wilderness Treatment will certainly get everyone’s attention. I am available on twitter @drpsych and @amerpsy to those who attend my presentation would like a FREE version of my ebook 10 Steps to Wilderness Therapy, on Apple iTunes! See you in Den Hague!

NATSAP Kennebunkport ME 2017: Be there or be lobster!

NATSAP Northeast Kennebunkport, Maine never ceases to enthuse, entertain, and attract the best in the adolescent and young adult behavioral health industry. It is a yearly event that many of consultants and professionals attend for the camaraderie if not the lobster festivities. Yes, to the left is a lobster of phenomenal proportion!

And yes, although it is an industry, it sincerely feels more like a group of friends that you would have over for dinner and talk about their kids, their families, their aspirations, their hobbies (like golf & skiing), along with extended focus on providing stellar mental health, physical, spiritual (12 steps) recovery options.

In fact, this picture to the left shows is close to the condo owned by Will and Beth Laughlin and home to baby Laughlin, and where we talked about Oliverian School in New Hampshire, along with raising family.

2017 NATSAP this year was fantastic. Many of the workshops directly spoke to me and how programs are evolving into more specific, narrow concentration of direction. And this is why I attend every year, to get the best information, see what staff is changed and what new programs are emerging.

What you want consultant to be is educated and informed of the changes within the industry. This is what you’re hoping a consultant does on your behalf; travel to conferences, tour program, attend meet & greet sessions with new staff, give presentations on pertinent topics, participate in telephone and web presentations, etc., etc. Ask, does your consultant do that? We do.

We don’t pumpkin around!

Happy Halloween!