FIGT 2018: Den Hague

It’s with pride that I’ve accepted the invitation to present this coming week in Den Hague at the Family in Global Transition 2018 conference. This is a conference I attended last year, and found many ‘like kind’: those like myself with true international connections to family, friends, like stye, and unique experiences. My talk with Steven DeMille Exec Director of Redcliff Ascent on Wilderness Treatment will certainly get everyone’s attention. I am available on twitter @drpsych and @amerpsy to those who attend my presentation would like a FREE version of my ebook 10 Steps to Wilderness Therapy, on Apple iTunes! See you in Den Hague!

NATSAP Kennebunkport ME 2017: Be there or be lobster!

NATSAP Northeast Kennebunkport, Maine never ceases to enthuse, entertain, and attract the best in the adolescent and young adult behavioral health industry. It is a yearly event that many of consultants and professionals attend for the camaraderie if not the lobster festivities. Yes, to the left is a lobster of phenomenal proportion!

And yes, although it is an industry, it sincerely feels more like a group of friends that you would have over for dinner and talk about their kids, their families, their aspirations, their hobbies (like golf & skiing), along with extended focus on providing stellar mental health, physical, spiritual (12 steps) recovery options.

In fact, this picture to the left shows is close to the condo owned by Will and Beth Laughlin and home to baby Laughlin, and where we talked about Oliverian School in New Hampshire, along with raising family.

2017 NATSAP this year was fantastic. Many of the workshops directly spoke to me and how programs are evolving into more specific, narrow concentration of direction. And this is why I attend every year, to get the best information, see what staff is changed and what new programs are emerging.

What you want consultant to be is educated and informed of the changes within the industry. This is what you’re hoping a consultant does on your behalf; travel to conferences, tour program, attend meet & greet sessions with new staff, give presentations on pertinent topics, participate in telephone and web presentations, etc., etc. Ask, does your consultant do that? We do.

We don’t pumpkin around!

Happy Halloween!

Wilderness TX on LA Talk Radio July 30 (link:

Wilderness leaves it’s print.

For those of you who have followed my career as an international psychologist, you know my passion in treating ‘at-risk’ youth is directed often in separating behaviorally reactive youth from their ‘known’ setting, ‘unplugging’ to an outdoor setting in determining how much is due to external versus internally driven. Make sense? As a past school psychologist, I learned early on to ask the question, “do you see the same behavior at home as you do in school?”, and visa versa (“do you see it at school as you see it at home”).

Wilderness treatment or therapy is now often called outdoor behavioral therapy. Why? I suspect that the term ‘wilderness’ simply can cause parents to panic: “Well, what happens if he falls in the lake, or off a cliff, or eaten by an animal”, or “What if he wanders off and gets lost, or runs away” etc. Rightfully so — in the past.

Today, OBH (Outdoor Behavioral Health) communicates the scientic and regulatory behavior expected by state licensing entities through scientific peer reviewed journals. In my case, OBH published a peer reviewed article written by Steven DeMille and myself on an international case we co-worked, if you will in providing a psychological evaluation, consultation, and wilderness program placement at RedCliff in Utah. Our full article entitled, “A Theoretically Anchored and Multi-Modal Treatment Approach in an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program. It is available free for download

In the article, you can see how outdoor behavioral health is successful from that provided by other forms of treatment. True, the great outdoors is ‘good for anyone’, but it’s not ‘therapeutic’ in and of itself and it would be silly to consider it as a form of psychological therapy for significant behavioral and emotional problems. Addiction, psychiatric conditions (high functioning autism, aspergers), mental health (depression, anxiety, PTSD / trauma) are often successfully treated in outdoor settings.

Getting to this month’s exciting news, I am speaking on LA’s Talk radio July 30th to this very subject of Wilderness TX (treatment). I welcome you to listen ‘live’ and ask on topic questions. Here is the link to the program: I am offering my FREE ebook on the subject published on iTunes, if you listen. Here is the link!

Thank you for your listening, and to all I say Happy Camping!

Invited Speaker: IALMH Prague July 10-15

In my presentation this year at the IALMH (International Academy of Law and Mental Health), I am collaborating with a number of outstanding individuals who hold more clout than I do in the academic and court room arenas. That said I’m going forward with my presentation on protecting communities by identifying school aged, ‘at risk’ criminal minded young people and talking resources. At Stanford University, I previously presented on this topic, and it was well received.  

Why this topic? I am appearing in a Bay area court late August to testify on a very important case with a young person from Northern California. I hope to bring home the point of my discussion that there is more to the puzzle, and treatment planning needs to be crucial part of the mix — even for offenders. Once we’re over the hearing, I will report on what was learned, but that said I will hit the highlights in my presentation in Prague.

Back to the UK (London, Dublin)

ThisI’m back in Dublin and London this week to meet with partners, colleagues, school staff, and mental health and addiction professionals. But what I’m very excited about is in meeting with new clients who are viewing options both here in the UK and the US. It takes someone with knowledge and expertise. It takes the American Psychologist!
Tot Ziens!