We do house calls!

Everybody knows how difficult sometimes it is to get family out of the home and on to their future. Whether it’s from assisting a daughter or son to understand that a boarding school might be in their own best interest, or an older teen to look in the mirror and discover that a outdoor therapeutic experience would be very beneficial, or an older family member to looking at how recovery within a residential treatment center would be easier; all of these scenarios require a concierge approach to assist in individual to “move forward” in their wellbeing, in their lives. Enter Dr Burdick.

Dr Burdick has had tremendous success in helping family move forward: For example, one young person we will call “Tameric” who stayed put 24/7 within the confines of his bedroom playing incessant computer games, and when his parents shut down the wifi, Tameric resorted to camping out in a neighbor’s garage to sponge off the neighbor’s wife and continue the gaming. Clearly obsessive – compulsive behavior.

After a Skype call to outline how he could help, Dr Burdick came to the home and observed Tameric’s treasured lifestyle within his environment and spent time to get to understand the complexity and the level of his infatuation in the game. This assisted in the family in taking a break from identifying Tameric as the patient and looking at the family dynamic as a whole. It worked, and Tameric sped off to a program with their parents feeling hopeful and empowered.

Call Us Today. The Holidays are approaching and are often the most problematic. We can help assist to outline what needs to happen to get the entire family to a healthier place, on to engage in a brighter future.