Summer 2015– Welcome to My World of International Engagements

Tales From The Woods

Tales From The Wood

It's A Small World After all-- & Getting Smaller!

It’s A Small World After all– & Getting Smaller!

Shayne Gallagher Wingate and Dr Mark Burdick BPS

Shayne Gallagher Wingate and Dr Mark Burdick BPS

This is a summer of exciting professional growth. In speaking at UKESAD (UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders), my audience of 300+ in-house and 40,000 BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) internet practitioners. I spoke to a full house of addiction / recovery and mental health professionals who attended to hear my talk on “Tales from the Wood” sponsored by Wingate and Four Circles (CRC) wilderness treatment programs. Along with Shayne Gallagher, executive director from Wingate, the audience was mesmerized by what they learned and experienced on the topic of recovery through wilderness treatment intervention. Wilderness treatment’s time has come to residents of the UK / EU.

Next, I spoke at the British Psychological Society (BPS) in Liverpool on expanding practices between the US and UK / EU, and what that will look like in the years ahead. My talk “It’s a Small World After All, and Getting Smaller” may have been a take off on Beatles song, “It’s Getting Better All the Time”, and / or Disney ride — who knows! My client roster includes those who reside in both the US and UK / EU, and I’m pleased we brainstormed this with my colleagues Susan Van Scoyoc and BPS President Jamie Hacker Hughes.

Next, European Council of Psychology July 7-10 in Milan and XXXIVth International Academy of Law and Mental Health in Vienna on July 12-17. Together, we’re bringing about change via international collaboration, and it’s exciting!