Sometimes families end up in court embattled over the right education option for their child. Finding the right fit for your situation, academically, psychologically, and emotionally is a delicate matter.

Dr. Burdick and staff act as a bridge for you, assessing your family member’s educational, psychological and emotional state, and finding the right match in an appropriate program. Whether it be a day or boarding school, therapeutic treatment program, a wilderness treatment program, or a college geared to the needs of a student with specific learning needs, BPS is the right choice. An empathetic attitude towards youth and families and tremendous knowledge of programs nation and worldwide, we will help you find the program that will be both most beneficial and most comfortable for you.

Educational programs and Therapeutic Residential Schools can be confusing given the wide array of options. What services are necessary? Who are the staff? Why certain laws and regulations apply to certain factions of the educational process (e.g., special education) is often unclear and at times seemingly bias. Dr. Burdick has administrated special education programs for years in some of the most prestigious school districts in the US, including Palo Alto Unified. His experience spans K-12 to college and graduate programs. He is a credentialed administrator and school psychologist. Additionally, Dr. Burdick has served as college faculty and is aware of the “best interest” college choices for learning disabled to under-motivated to gifted students. Dr. Burdick provides both successful national, international placements and gap year options. Do not trust court opinion and program placements to unlicensed individuals.

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