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Dr. Burdick knows the importance of proper diagnosis to place individuals in specialized treatment programs

His internship and work experience includes Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to school-based, college and job related mental health. He clearly understands the differences between substantial resources and less than adequate services to meet the needs of those requiring therapeutic assistance. From the testing to placement you will find the service professional and thorough.

He regularly provides fitness exams for employment and parenting purposes, and fitness for child custody in education related issues. Dr. Burdick is dual licensed, both as an educational psychologist and as a psychologist specializing in clinical, school, and forensic matters. Most States allow the psychologist to testify outside where the individual resides. Do not trust opinions and recommendations to be made by unlicensed individuals.

International Services

Integrity is important when doing international placements. Whether it’s with dual citizenship or single citizenship individuals, there is a great deal of work needed to ensure success. Education options are IB vs. US high school diplomma; US and international “gap” year and International University options; treatment options include community based vs. private program options. Your health,wellness, and safety are primary concerns that our staff consider before recommending any international option.

Dr. Burdick has created World Educational Consulting (“WEC”) and is a continuing member of European Council of International Schools (ECIS). He is a regular participant in all conferences, including administration conferences keeping in touch with the movement within the international communities, and staying connected with the resources available to families. Visit today, World Educational Consulting or connect through this website.

Legal Assessment

Forensic assessments require diligence and commitment unlike some more academic forms of psychology. Dr. Burdick has practiced in this arena for years, and is considered an expert in both court rooms and hearing rooms.

To do this, Dr. Burdick attends specialized symposiums by invitation to participate and sharpen forensic skills with attorneys, psychiatrists, and other forensic specialists. He is well known both throughout the State of California and nationally for his skills as a diagnostician, and regularly is called upon for expert witness in criminal and civil cases. Ethics bound, Dr. Burdick served as the Chair, State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences, the board overseeing mental health practitioners for the State of California. Dr. Burdick is a member of the American College of Forensic Psychology, a professional College that certifies practicing forensic psychologists and psychiatrists, and attorneys who litigate civil and criminal cases involved in psychological evaluation and expert testimony within the legal system.

Program Placement

Finding the right fit for your situation, academically, psychologically, and emotionally is a delicate matter.

Dr. Burdick and staff act as a bridge for you, assessing your family member’s educational, psychological and emotional state, and finding the right match in an appropriate program. Whether it be a day or boarding school, therapeutic treatment program, a wilderness treatment program, or a college geared to the needs of a student with specific learning needs, BPS is the right choice. An empathetic attitude towards youth and families and tremendous knowledge of programs nation and worldwide, we will help you find the program that will be both most beneficial and most comfortable for you.

Educational Programs and Therapeutic Residential Schools can be confusing given the wide array of options. What services are necessary? Who are the staff? Why certain laws and regulations apply to certain factions of the educational process (e.g., special education) is often unclear and at times seemingly bias. Dr. Burdick has administrated special education programs for years in some of the most prestigious school districts in the US, including Palo Alto Unified. His experience spans K-12 to college and graduate programs. He is a credentialed administrator and school psychologist. Additionally, Dr. Burdick has served as college faculty and is aware of the “best” college choices for learning disabled to under-motivated to gifted students. Dr. Burdick provides both successful national, international placements and gap year options. Do not trust program placements to unlicensed individuals.

Recovery Services

Recovery services are many, and the common question asked is one of treatment success. What makes treatment successful? While for many follow the edict to “get them into treatment”, it is essential to first use a practitioner such as Dr Burdick who is qualified to assess the mental health need and addiction before moving in any given direction and spending the family valuable resources. Without this informed approach, the family moves through a maze of multiple placements, resulting in financial hardship. What of the individual who is “treatment resistant? The question of “buy in” is most important to the individual in need of recovery. We use a disciplined and informed approach in treating the individual with both respect and tailored care. We use licensed treatment centers and external programs with a formidable track record of success. What about after care? Family coaching keeps families moving forward, and keeping the individual in treatment once leaving a treatment facility using aftercare services supports long term success. In working collaboratively, families and individuals find success in treating addiction. Let us know how we can help.

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