Recovery services are many, and the common question asked is one of treatment success. What makes treatment successful? While for many follow the edict to “get them into treatment”, it is essential to first use a practitioner such as Dr Burdick who is qualified to assess the mental health need and addiction before moving in any given direction and spending the family valuable resources. Without this informed approach, the family moves through a maze of multiple placements, resulting in financial hardship. What of the individual who is “treatment resistant? The question of “buy in” is most important to the individual in need of recovery. We use a disciplined and informed approach in treating the individual with both respect and tailored care. We use licensed treatment centers and external programs with a formidable track record of success. What about after care? Family coaching keeps families moving forward, and keeping the individual in treatment once leaving a treatment facility using aftercare services supports long term success. In working collaboratively, families and individuals find success in treating addiction.

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