Avalon Malibu: Rejuvenate and Recover

Malibu SunsetThis is a purposeful dual diagnoses treatment program with psychiatric licensure in a pristine, sunny & warm bluff ocean setting. It has two substantial houses, independent of each other to separately house the addiction clients and psychiatric clients. The program incorporates the principles of tried true therapeutic treatment modalities, and 12 step recovery, along with other eclectic approaches, such as meditation, four agreements of buddhism, ropes courses, yoga. Nutritional orienting and planning is integrated into the daily planning. Treatment promotes strength and purpose based perspective to the individual and the family, using timeline projects and core schemas.

Avalon also incorporates a family therapy program to include interactive activities, and engaging the family throughout the experience. It also plans out and utilize aftercare opportunities, such as out patient and sober living. Avalon House

What sets Avalon apart is staff and surroundings, and the integration of aftercare into the treatment planning. They empathic and warm, yet directing and supportive. The psychiatrists are trained in alternative and Eastern Medicine.

The admissions staff (Rob and Dea) are sensitive and thorough and work with the referral source. This is not an internet based referral program, and want to work with professional referents, a refreshing approach to promote integrity and ethical health care. It is an insurance – friendly option, and for the right client and a formidable treatment plan it’s a win-win. Call us to see if Avalon is the right choice for you or your family member.

Another Overseas Success Story

Affordable Recovery is real! IMG_2416 small Geronimo!

Hearts need mending

Hearts need mending







Often in a “cookie cutter” approach to behavioral health, the one who gets lost is unfortunately the individual patient or client. The client who was not truly “heard”, not appreciated for being “unique”, not buying into her or his present and future “narrative”. What is lacking in the relationship?

In bringing about a young person’s life from desperation to personal revitalization, the “listening” to a person’s dreams and aspirations is as important as the “hearing” of the trauma and tribulations. And there’s more. The “context” of where life happens is also as important in a person’s life as is the “content”, and if you take a moment and think about where you had danced your first dance, your first baseball game, your best vacation, where you met your loved one, etc., you’ll be clear.

This is the reason for South Africa. Cape Town provides a clarity in being “centered” unlike anywhere else in the world. It also allows for one to experience their own integration into recovery, emotional growth, and interconnectedness with society in a once-in-a-lifetime, yet familiar way. And then there is the natural beauty and yes, the animals. It’s perfect for the right individual who wants an extraordinary story to tell around their own recovery and re-integration into society and culture. Interested? Let us “show” you the way to SA….

How to Launch a Young Adult: Use a Parachute Approach!

As parents, we want “the best” for our young daughter or son, don’t we? In fact, we’ve given them “the best” and that’s now part of the problem. Now, as the metaphoric phrase goes, “Houston, we’ve got a problem”, for what we have here is a failure to launch. And so goes our young person’s life — wandering aimlessly between home, college, work, and struggling with relationships and possible drug, internet, or sexual problems (or maybe all three!). What we need here is “a plan” that doesn’t depend on one person’s opinion but a thorough assessment and recommendation from a qualified practitioner, licensed in the area of psychological testing and placement of young adults. Dr Burdick has “put into motion” hundreds of such “plans” that have brought about successful “launches” to bring a young adult back to “buying in” to their life and making something successful of it, to make themselves (and those around the young adult) “proud”. At the end of the day, will the young person listen to their parents? No. But, Dr Burdick has a way to help align the orbits of clients and families to help bring the purpose back into the situation, and move families forward. Do you think this is possible without a “thorough assessment”? No, it’s not. Is it possible to “launch” young adults with such an assessment and a strategic plan? Yes, it is. We use a “parachute approach.” Don’t wait. Call to make an appointment. We can make “the launch” happen!

How important is it for a consultant to visit programs?


Dr Burdick believes that the connection between the program staff and himself, and the ability to communicate as a licensed professional the gains (and setbacks) made by clients to referring families is most important. 30 years of practice in this arena of health and school psychology as an educational consultant and licensed psychologist guarantees the best representative money can buy. Ask yourself: 1) Can I depend on websites to be totally truthful and accurate in representation of the type of clients the programs admits? 2) Do I have time and financial resources to fly around the country seeing and comparing these programs? 3) How will I know if my family member is successful or not, whom do I trust? 4) Can I afford to lose money and time in a placement gone bad? Why chance it? Start the solution today.

Affordable Treatment For Addiction : Can It Be Done?

Yes, it can. I have had the privilege in traveling the globe and seeing what is available in state of the art treatment for addiction. It doesn’t need to cost an “arm and a leg”. It can be a such positive experience as to transform a person from dependency on substances to an engaged, delightful person “to be around” once again. How long has it been since you’ve seen that family member in “a good place”, and sober? If you can think openly about recovery solutions, then we have one that’s affordable and effective. Plus, we can provide the name of an affordable interventionist to get the process to move forward quickly without any further hesitation. Isn’t it time to get the help before it’s simply too late? 877-571-2524. And welcome home to a new life!