Inferiority complex?# Are you the ‘inferior’ parent?

*Inferiority* is something we all grapple with, and some more than others. The word means to feel ‘less than’, and generally in terms of ‘rank’ or ‘status’. However, as a parent, you already have achieved this status, so what’s with the guilt? *Inferiorities* on the other hand are underdeveloped *attributes*.

1) Expectations. Keep ‘you’ vs. ‘*expectations*’ separate in your heart & mind. What are your expectations for parenting, and how do you meet or fall short of meeting those expectations?

Make a list, then ask youself: a) are my expectations too high? b) am I confusing ‘self worth’ with ‘self expecations’?

Comparisons. Look at other parents around you: Are they so different from you? Make a list:
1. a) what *attributes* do others have that you find important? b) how do you develop those *attributes* c) what supports do they own that contribute to their *success*?
2. b) what *attributes* do you own that they don’t? How did you develop those attributes? Do the same in building new ones!
3. Make a plan using a calendar of activities & outcome review. NOTHING happens without a plan. Google a parent support group or coach in your area. From Los Angeles ( to London ( you can find parent support groups with activities and education galore.

In the end, it’s not about *who* you are, it’s about *skills*. *Inferiorities are simply deficits that can be developed into attributes*. And follow the words of Eleanor Roosevelt. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

*Inferiority complex*, however is an ongoing condition or state of being. If you have experienced this ongoing state, then seek out professional help from a therapist who specializes in treating those of your gender & has ongoing group counseling. Group work is essential in finding support.

One final invitation. Parenting is ‘tough work’. Many families have profited from ‘boarding school’ solutions that we have offered over the decades. It is not ‘sending them away’, rather, it is ‘an opportunity to succeed’ in life. Need proof? Click here: