Thanks Jared for signing your new book, "Kissing Frogs" -- interesting title, great read
Thanks Jared for signing your new book
The last two days I’ve spent meeting with private schools in the area, and collaborating to assist their students and families. Thank you to the International School of Amsterdam for allowing me to provide support to multinational families in need of resources.

Today, is a SKYPE multinational day of communication between Utah, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, and Kiev in assisting a family with their son in treatment in the US. I must say as cautious as I was at first recommending this course of program, it has really paid off for the family in substantial and impressive ways. Thanks to RedCliff Ascent for all of their support. Thank you to CIS for providing translation and the opportunity to work with them.

In the last weeks, I met with Brehm, Richard Collins to check on a young man I placed with them from Stockholm. Again, a tremendous relief for the mother who needed to find a solution for her son in a program that made sense.

Next, @ NATSAP in San Diego I discussed with others opportunities to expand service business to the international market. I was pleased to see many colleagues in Torrey Pines before continuing on to the next stop: Geneva, Switzerland to present at an international agent conference. Life is about mission, and mine is to guide your success.