the shoeJust as one shoe doesn’t fit all sizes, one program doesn’t fit all individuals seeking treatment.
intro to The CabinTake for example The Cabin in Chiang Mai. The type of person that would feel comfortable at The Cabin would feel so given the type of culture promoted by the center itself. That is to say, that not everyone would feel comfortable there, and might rather be more comfortable, say, at somewhere like Castle Craig in northern Scotland near Edinburgh. The façade of CC

Indeed, it’s a completely different feeling that one gets, along with somewhat of a different population. Many more Dutch at one, due to the proximity to the Netherlands, vs. Chiang Mai where you might find more of an Asian or Australian population.
Bedroom CC
Certainly, one center might be more appropriate for female than male. For example when one looks at the bedrooms, you get a different ambiance, and sense of privacy. These are not impressions that you can take from a website. You need to be there, to spend time to get to know staff and view the surroundings and the population, before a referral source can feel comfortable making a placement.

Plus, as I get to know the individual, I get a sense of what will work, and what will not work for that person who is searching for a quality recovery experience, one that decades later they can look back and say: that was the beginning, it was fantastic!Culture CC This American Psychologist travels the world to find the better match, the better resource for the best client — YOU!world over

Castle Craig LuncheonWhen you become a client, you’re part of the team called “Success” in recovery. Where does success look to take you?