DARROW SCHOOL is the first stop.

Waste ManagementSmall, individualised curriculum, project based learning provides incentives for students to learn in their own unique ways.

See how a senior class water management science turned into a community fixture. A true ‘family style’ type of boarding and semi-day school.

There is even a 3D printer making original projects come alive. From the original Shaker furniture to today’s technology, Darrow is providing a unique educational route for those students who are up for the challenge.

Emma CampusEMMA WILLIARD the second stop. All girls, architecturally inspired campus, art science and math focused.

Flags @ EmmaThese young ladies do some heavy academic lifting to get into the sought-after colleges and even receive research based scholarships from George Washington U., among others. An international exchange program to boot. Most inspiring are the signature projects, where these young ladies find their passion and go with it: whether it be de-stymigtizing mental illness, choreograph dancing in NYC, or writing children’s books. Each follows their own passion.



signHOOSAC is our third stop. On a nice fall day when the leaves are turning colours, I can’t imagine where else you’d rather play outdoor sports.

Certainly the number of AP courses got out attention, and the students were from all over — Canada, Netherlands, China, and many more. In fact the international population is roughly at this time, fifty percent of the boarders and that says a lot about the diversity.