Community behaviors are under attack to discourage people from flying in airplanes, encourage internet vs actual transport, commuting, and etc. The question to ask ourselves: Is embracing this “new normal” of no social contact one that you want to encourage and be a part. True, you and I may find we have limited choices in some of these matters, but not all. Safely socially engaging has always been the rule.

Here’s some interesting ways perhaps of getting ahead of the 8 ball (hopefully pool tables will still be in existence). Talk frankly with your children in addressing this notion of ‘safe vs. unsafe’ and what is important in social approximation (vs. social distancing) a term that I prefer, and model it yourselves. Modeling is in fact one of the most important psychological principles and why both home-based and out-of-home based programs work. Where there is good modeling there is healthy behavior.

Residential and Outdoor programs are practicing ‘safe distancing’ and ensuring secure settings away from threat of CV 19. I am attending virtual webcasts on the topic myself to ensure I understand the measures in place. Health is not something to sidestep — it needs to be met head on. Programs are open and implementing social distancing and mental health supports. We’re here to help to educate and move your family forward.