Therapy is not therapy unless it helps. What do you think to be your responsibility in knowing different types of therapy. Perhaps if your child is in therapy you would give more consideration. While generic ‘talk therapy’ seems safe enough, what if the therapist’s bent is, say for example, Trauma-Informed treatment approach to actively resist re-traumatization.

And what if you and your ex (or soon to be) are in a custody dispute?
How well do you understand how a trauma-informed therapeutic approach adds or reduces re-traumatization within a family context? Not likely well at all, right?

Did the therapist inform you of trauma informed therapy at the beginning and using it with your particular child? It’s likely that you’ve heard nothing about it until now, and haven’t a clue.

Best to have a conversation at the very beginning with the therapist and ask “What types of therapeutically approaches do you use in treating the diagnostic profile of my child or myself? Is there any harm to come potentially of the use of this approach? If you’re satisfied with the explanation provided to you then great… If not continue to probe; even read up on the subject googling off the Internet, or visiting your local bookstore or library.