Warren Shiell Family Law Attorney Interviews Dr Burdick : Live on YouTube

I have the immense pleasure of appearing with family law attorney Warren Shiell on his YouTube channel. I discuss the role of the Educational Psychologist Expert in family law proceedings, and highlight my recent AJFP (American Journal of Forensic Psychology) article co-authored with Jon Gould, well known and highly qualified Custody Evaluator.

Watch Mr. Shiell’s interview by clicking the following: https://youtu.be/Ym3fqVXrMBg Read the article appearing in the AJFP by clicking on the embedded link. You contact me drburdick@gmail.com.

Many attorneys with whom I’ve worked have found my expert educational services to be of importance within family courts throughout the nation. Judges have appreciate my bringing a clear opinion on the best interest of the child debate in their court with a template to follow that promotes the data needed to back up the opinion.

Attorneys like Warren Shiell make it easier for an expert such as myself to work through consultation, mediation and court testimony. Mr. Shiell is unusual in his empathy for his clients as well as solid expertise without attitude. My working with him, I have yet to come across a mutual client who hasn’t praised his abilities and work. Without reservation, I endorse Warren Shiell as an advocate for parents facing difficult circumstance, either outside or inside the courtroom.

I invite your questions through my dialogue box and look forward to scheduling an initial phone or zoom call to answer them. Until then, keep safe and stay healthy.