Heading across the US to the east coast provides differences not only in culture and scenery, but options in school choices of sports, activities, curriculum, and teaching expertise. In seeing the ski hill and ice hockey at Vermont Academy, and the theatre, and vocational training center at St. Johnsbury, and the adaptive curriculum approaches of Oliverian, I am reminded that these are unparalleled school options worthy of consideration for families from any region of the planet. Perhaps the best news of all is that all three of these institutions practice unbiased student associations in allowing for kids to be with kids regardless of their background and social class. Still, there are significant differences between the three schools, and it takes a keen eye to ferret out what type of individual does best in each program. If your son or daughter is sports competitive vs. technology centered vs. music and arts curriculum, and needs or does not need more academic support, then, one will work better than the others, along with other schools to consider in your decision. A stalwart of east coast education in my opinion is the quality of staff. I met some of the most exceptional staff this trip who can clearly articulate their mission, and the important background history.