Podcast on! Listen in on Neil Brown’s interview of Dr Burdick

Neil Brown, LCSW extraordinaire interviews Dr Burdick (aka The American Psychologist) traveling the world and sharing views on sharing of cultures, travel and living overseas. What the family needs to survive! Mandatory listening for anyone who is planning or finding themselves in a new community away from home! Here’s the link: Enjoy! https://goo.gl/51QuqX

A Day In The Life of an American Psychologist

The last two days I’ve spent meeting with private schools in the area, and collaborating to assist their students and families. Thank you to the International School of Amsterdam for allowing me to provide support to multinational families in need of resources. Today, is a SKYPE multinational day of communication between Utah, Amsterdam, Czech Republic,Continue reading A Day In The Life of an American Psychologist

This week in London: Ed Psychs Unite!

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability) is the ‘buzz acronym’ heard at the DCEP (Division of Child and Education Psychology) conference with local authorities giving more instruction to how ed psychs, social workers and mental health providers must act collaboratively as stakeholders in UK special needs work. This is done through use of Education, HealthContinue reading This week in London: Ed Psychs Unite!

APA 2015 Toronto: New Perspectives

Barry Anton (left and below center), APA President¬† spoke of the ‘painful’ yet ‘necessary’ changes within APA in response to the recent outside consultant evaluation of the APA relationships with Washington DC. Fortunately, the blemish doesn’t overshadow the terrific work APA continues to do in setting up scholarship and training for doctoral students in accreditedContinue reading APA 2015 Toronto: New Perspectives

Summer 2015– Welcome to My World of International Engagements

This is a summer of exciting professional growth. In speaking at UKESAD (UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders), my audience of 300+ in-house and 40,000 BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) internet practitioners. I spoke to a full house of addiction / recovery and mental health professionals who attended to hear my talk on “TalesContinue reading Summer 2015РWelcome to My World of International Engagements