DODea (Dept. of Defense Education Activity)
It’s 8 AM when the phone rings and the voice says “Hello, this is Dr. Mark Burdick? Hi, I’m with the DODea (Dept. of Defense Education Activity) and we have an IEP scheduled where we need a complete psychological evaluation conducted along with recommendations for schools for a student with exceptional needs.”

This is a real example of a very recent request that required my skills to turn a very contentious situation around by highlighting the specific needs of the student, and the likelihood they would do well in specific settings with complete charts, examples, reports.

I’m your Expert
A nice ending. The group was able to come together with a workable outcome; the team wrote the IEP and signed off, and life goes on.

If your district needs an expert–a real expert with 30+ years of experience of public, private professional stature in working across the table with IEP teams to provide successful outcome, then I am your expert. Call and let’s discuss your district’s need.