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I was hired as a psychologist consultant for The Extractors, a TV series out of Toronto filmed in the US, “crisis” was the focus. Intervention is not to be confused with crisis intervention, a place where time is not a luxury. Typically, the individual is facing arrest, or harm to self or others. In these cases law enforcement (private or public) is present, and consent is obtained ‘on site’ with the individual for the intervention to take place. Yes, the individual may choose to walk away, however with planning around circumstance and process, many times the person makes the right choice for themselves. For someone like Evan “Bullet” Evans, Crisis is the norm, not the oddity. Here is a good conversation with Evan on talk radio to listen: https://goo.gl/vHeKqx.

In more than 50% of the occasions for crisis intervention, mental illness contributes to the continuance of use and consequent negative and serious health, finance, interpersonal fallout. for this reason, and this reason alone hiring a Licensed Interventionist with a mental health background is imperative.

As Bullet says in the podcast, “I believe what we are doing is preventative medicine” is spot – on. I couldn’t agree more. Call us if we can help your loved one facing an addiction, physical or mental health impending crisis.