It’s important to recognize other professionals who contribute significantly to the field of advocating legally for those facing legal problems. Such a person is visible in this edition of LawTech Connect, and excellent resource for lawyers and individuals looking for encouragement. Adriana Linares interviews Elizabeth Kelley, attorney and author of Representing People with Mental Disabilities: A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Best Practices Manual. Ms Kelley has a blog called Mental Disabilities that is helpful to generalists looking for answers.

I first met Elizabeth in Budapest at a conference of IALMH (International Academy of Law and Mental Health) where we were both presenting. I was taken by her zealous attitude defending those with mental health needs — the same zealousness some has said they see in me in advocating for the legally and mentally challenged.

I have built a practice over decades working on behalf of those with limited funds to those with incredible reserves, yet facing similar challenges of mental impairment. It matters not necessarily that someone is in social class or another: People universally suffer from mental health disorders and find themselves ‘up against’ a legal issues.

It takes a team approach to fully defend such individuals, and I am happy to say that I’ve been part of many successful teams who have defended with zealous energy the rights of the mentally disabled. I would be happy to be part of your team in doing the same, if I can be of usefulness. Feel free to call and discuss today by first using the dialogue box (yes, the one that keeps popping up and down) in the corner!