Herein lies the problem for most addiction admissions gone wrong. Without a comprehensive evaluation, it is next to impossible to determine the cause and the ongoing treatment protocol for the client. Most ‘check list’ approaches miss 80-90% of what’s significant in the profile of the individual seeking treatment from addiction.

So what is it exactly that you’re to recover from? Families can waste tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it themselves — -contacting individual rehabilitation centers that look good on the website and suggest they are all things to all people. That is a clear warning sign. There is no such thing as a garden variety addict. We are all human, all special individuals.

If you leave selection, admissions, and ongoing activity to those without training and experience you will be one of the families left scratching their heads asking “Why isn’t this working?” Let’s save you the headache and the heartache.

I have assessed hundreds if not thousands of individuals in finding the right placement option. If I can’t help, then I will direct you to someone who can. It’s not about money, it’s about reputation.

Dr Mark Burdick