Sometimes and actually too often, courts / judges appoint what’s called a Guardian ad Litum (GAL); someone who investigates the educational needs of a youth involved in a custody-referenced case. The truth is, however, these individuals often lack qualifications; they don’t understand school systems, learning methods, motivational questions and parental influence upon educational, social, and particularly behavioral processes. Often, the matter before the court is the latter focused in question upon the behavior of the youth.

Enter the multiple qualified professional, the dual licensed Educational and Clinical Psychologist who is trained in Forensic matters and approach. That individual can bring a perspective to the court far beyond that of a GAL. That individual is myself, Dr Mark Burdick and I am happy to spend time together with you to prepare your case for court.

I have put together this thinking in an article that I provided to you in a previous post. If you are interested in this article, please contact me via email and I’d be happy to furnish you a copy and request only for feedback. Opinions can be improved and that’s what make one expert better than the next — the ability to consider another’s perspective.

Burdick, M., Gould, J. (2020). Education Experts in Custody Matters: Why Opinion matters. Journal of American College of Forensic Psychology 38(3): 14 pages.