A wide array of behaviorally focused and character building programs exists out there in the therapeutic and quasi-therapeutic school world; some are much better than others, particularly those putting forethought and mechanisms into family participation. Carlbrook is one of the “jewels in the rough” therapeutic secondary schools using good practices of regular family participation.along with strong academic preparation. Academics are always on the forefront for parents sending their youth off to boarding school. Carlbrook handles this argument easily with a list of AP courses, and high college acceptance. However, getting a college degree is not the “end all” for any young adult, as the world is complicated and full of chuckholes to use a term of yore. It’s important to build self esteem, intelligent and careful decision making, positive, healthy peer relations and relationships with authority figures (teachers, staff). Many of those students who attend Carlbrook are over-the-top intellectually, and down-in-the ego and esteem department. In short order, the family unit learns how to provide clear expectations as has done the school staff, and ongoing, healthy change occurs on the part of the student. Their’s is a safe environment where the student learns how to be their true self again.