Maybe it was the Miami location of Turnberry Isle, but that alone was not it. The international school partners plus the international agents and consultants in a professional arena put it over the top. The importance of international “thinking” is not be underestimated. In speaking with overseas agents about clients we share, and with whom I had just met in Switzerland and Berlin, the students and families are clearly benefiting. No longer can one simply depend on the US economy to attract students who are of incredible talent and knowledge. By “thinking outside of the box” opportunities begin to emerge such as pursuing an overseas education in film and making your mark before bringing it back to the states. Pursuing a Swiss hospitality & tourism degree, and opening your own B&B back in California or Costa Rica for that matter (both have been done). MBA from China can make you a strong candidate for the “world” economy, not just your own neighborhood. Send me your email with your international success story. Everyday I receive a new one to put in a collection “blog” to be published shortly.