World Educational Consultancy & Burdick Psychological and Placement Services have teamed in providing a professional, easily accessible consultant services package for families looking for specialized educational and / or educational and treatment options. Look no further. We are licensed and trained to help you find your “best fit” of domestic and international options. Whether you are looking for K-12 private, HS, College, Special Needs, Recovery, in the US or Abroad for world class options, we do it. No one in the industry of placement knows as many world options as Dr Burdick and his staff. And now these services are available in Los Angeles to those families with the foresight of seeing how the world of education and treatment are radically changing. The internet simply does not give you the inside knowledge or experience of using practitioners within the programs, and too often borrow stories emerge around placements performed by ill trained, non licensed individuals practicing outside of their scope of training. Welcome to our practice, we look forward to making your dreams a complete success.