Some weeks ago, I received a call from a staff member at NBC Nightly News asking for my help in finding the thread of a story on suburban heroin use among young adults, particularly those of college age. I reflected for a moment on a CBS attempt to deal with a similar subject more than a year ago, and a producer who contacted me to help CBS produce a special on prescription drug abuse. I likened NBC’s interest to that of CBS, and suggested that they speak directly with outstanding primary recovery communities such as Mountainside in CT., and Four Circles in N.C., and Promises in Malibu in finding a “voice” of the suburban youth addict, and the families that suffer. In conversation after conversation, it became clear to me that the real concern here is of America – under -attack by a philosophy of a lack of identity, and community. Behind every drug abuser is a story of ‘who introduced whom’ to drugs, and a family that is simply left ‘baffled’. Brian Williams and his staff have certainly promoted this private, yet very much public concern to the forefront, but missed an important point. Families need to be ‘helped’ by finding Licensed Professional treatment practitioners (not educational consultants) who understand the family system and the individual’s diagnoses and necessary treatment planning. Dr Burdick knows the best programs and can find you that help. He has helped hundreds upon hundreds of families. Please contact us for your families’ continued health and production. Don’t wait — 877-571-2524.