For many years now, I have provided written assessment and expert opinion to US Federal Immigration Court on behalf of client families of both US citizen and limited US resident status. Most of these families face deportation of the ‘primary bread winner’ who has limited status and acted unfavorably according to US laws and regulations. These are families who have limited resources, yet a strong back and a strong will to survive. In many instances, it is more ‘American’ in image and behavior than that I see of naturalized US Citizens who consider citizenship their ‘right’. Last week, a family of hispanic origin appeared in court with their small children to witness their father stand before the judge, an unknown future pending. Could he stay? Would he be deported immediately? Would the court case be suspended for up to another year? This turned out to be one of ‘lucky’ ones who had a competent lawyer, and the law on their side that day. I walked away from the court room in having provided my testimony to think, What a great privilege it is to work with those who have little in personal resource, yet everything in human spirit. We simply have the greatest country in the world, an America that welcomes all kinds and colors. I’m proud to be an American as we approach the 4th of July, 2012.