Monkey SayAnyone who is a parent at this time in life knows that parenting is a dying art. Perhaps that sounds cruel, however consider the following: 1) More kids spend far more time on the internet than talking to their parents about “their problems”, 2) kids spend by far more money on themselves using their parents money than they do on their parents, 3) kids notoriously “listen” to their same age or slightly older peers and “follow” peer advice rather than to listen to and follow the sages and holders of wisdom, such as parents and others in authority, 4) language and behavior now changes impulsively to mimic attitudes of socially desirables (or undesirables) rather than ethical and cultural traditions and variables (piercings, tatoos, slang).

History repeats itself, and only those who have learned the lessons of the past and speak out can survive the present to continue on to their future. Consider this: If an entire population hides behind Google Glasses, Dr Beat Headphones, and Texting (monkey see, monkey hear, monkey do), a generation is lost.

We worry what songs our adult children will sing to their children (our grandchildren) at night as they fall to sleep? NWA? 50 cent? Hardly comforting.

So, what’s the proactive therapy that drives our youth and thereby ourselves back to family recovery? Answer: call 877-571-2524. We’ve got one.