OnSight!What a busy two weeks. In visiting two great programs in Tennessee, OnSite and Cumberland Heights, Nashville only got sweeter with resources for individuals and families. Recovery from trauma or addiction is different, and yet largely the same. It takes time, and nurturing from an experienced staff. It also takes humor & community.

Now, OnSite’s exec director’s birthday bash off to the left will give you a sense of a healthy working and collaborative staff. OnSite does weekly intensive work with individuals and couples that need ‘away’ time.

CHCumberland Heights goes back nearly 50 years in providing residential options for adolescents and adults who need recovery. What I especially like about CH is how they don’t downplay their love of music and arts to second fiddle. It’s right there. As a long time fan of C&W music, I appreciate the focus on young and older people formulating a narrative, a story of how they’ve come to be who they are and who they want to be. Recovery is all about finding your core, and CH has the receipe for helping individuals do that work. I am happy to have toured both Cumberland Heights and OnSite, and I look foward to helping your family make the decision what program is best for your family member, and getting them there.

Best, Dr. Mark BurdickĀ