Ramuda RanchAfter recently placing a client at The Meadows, it was good to tour the facilities which now includes Remuda Ranch for eating disorders (seen left). My longtime friend Patty Evans, along with psychiatrist Steve Brokway and Executive Director Sean Walsh were there to meet and greet, and give us the good news about The Meadows’ recent affiliation with TriCare as a primary treatment provider for military families.

The Meadows “model” has worked successfully with adults for over 35 years, and now is launching a program to work with young adults (18-27) in Wickenburg.

In taking on Remuda Ranch, the partnership with The Meadows will plant them in a very good position to provide a superb boutique, and highly effective and confidential level of health care. Remuda works with dual diagnoses clients to find the underlying eating disorders, along with the addiction. Full time nursing and medical staff allows them to see patients who would otherwise be pulled into hospitalization and not provided with the recovery they need to flourish.Saguaros

The Saguaros surrounding the properties provide the metaphorical backdrop of generations of individuals and families to come to heal. Arizona is a healing environment. I am happy to introduce you to The Meadows and Remuda Ranch.

Dr Mark Burdick