"London Calling"
“London Calling”

International families find it difficult to get the help they need for their loved ones at home in their own countries. Let’s face it: The US has “the market share” of education & therapeutic options. No other country has the sheer numbers of private schools and university options here in the US, or the vast resources of individualized treatment options for all varities of conditions, including behavioral health, psychiatric, and recovery.

This is a world I have come to know as an expert in both fields of education and behavioral health. So, when I received a call from a UK family¬†who needed assistance in navigating the maze of what could work for their family member, I was ready and able to help. In considering the options for international students, it is important to look at the long term, and not just the short. From the questions of travel and visas to communication with families to visits and graduation, we can help “walk you through” the process. We take pride in helping our families through the maze to achieve health, wellness, and education.

Count on us. We are there for you, wherever you are in the world.

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