IMG_1456I received an email today from a program in US where I placed a young lady. It was the second placement from quite a structured therapeutic setting to a more traditional boarding school in Utah that ‘knows’ emotional growth. The combination has worked for this young lady and her parents couldn’t be more pleased. An excerpt: “It is starting to get cold in Utah. We have had a little snow, but not enough to stay on the ground. [She] is, as always, a rock star. She’s doing great academically and I often see her around campus hanging out with her friends. She mentioned to me that she has applied to a couple colleges all ready. I’m glad that she is so on top of it.”

Another one just came through just now: “[Our son] is doing so well he is enrolled full time at university of southern Maine. All his credits transferred from Vermont. He is sponsoring several guys and is very active in the community.”

Proof that proper educational consulting is indeed effective.