Consider what you know of the international landscape. Much of the study abroad options for US citizens revolve around Western Europe locations, such as UK, France, Italy. How about the Czech Republic? In traveling through Europe this winter, it is clear that amazing opportunity to immerse in a culture that is as rich as Paris, as intellectual as London, as cultured as Italy is vibrantly present in Prague.

Czech father and daughter

So, you ask — how can Prague introduce me to European culture?

From the people to historical sites, Prague has a unique presence, unlike other major European cities. A safe city with a culture of family values, Prague provides opportunity to learn from history and politics. From IB programs to language courses, to undergrad and graduate university studies of Franze Kafka, and international marketing and accounting, the Czech Republic has opportunities to share, and we can guide you to them! Affordable, yes. Unforgettable? Guaranteed.