New Brentwood Office

World Educational Consultancy & Burdick Psychological and Placement Services have teamed in providing a professional, easily accessible consultant services package for families looking for specialized educational and / or educational and treatment options. Look no further. We are licensed and trained to help you find your “best fit” of domestic and international options. Whether youContinue reading New Brentwood Office

Miami School Connections an International Success

Maybe it was the Miami location of Turnberry Isle, but that alone was not it. The international school partners plus the international agents and consultants in a professional arena put it over the top. The importance of international “thinking” is not be underestimated. In speaking with overseas agents about clients we share, and with whomContinue reading Miami School Connections an International Success

Carlbrook Parent weekend

A wide array of behaviorally focused and character building programs exists out there in the therapeutic and quasi-therapeutic school world; some are much better than others, particularly those putting forethought and mechanisms into family participation. Carlbrook is one of the “jewels in the rough” therapeutic secondary schools using good practices of regular family participation.along withContinue reading Carlbrook Parent weekend